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In our experience this is about average for building a custom gun.Our competition pistols have been used to win national and world championships in every major pistol discipline by such greats as the legendary Rob Leatham, John Farley, the late Alan Fulford and the late Roger Willis, just to name a few.Deluxe low mount fully adjustable Springfield rear target sight.Find and save ideas about Springfield armory prices on. features without a custom shop price.

The grip safety did offer a raised area to ensure activation.By Roger Eckstine We tested and evaluated a 1911A1 Professional from the Springfield Armory Custom Shop.WHO WE ARE About Us Custom Print Shop Custom Embroidery Custom Screen.The slide-stop pin had been machined flush with the right side of the frame and beveled to prevent any possibility of it being pressed and causing a stoppage.I now have an unwarranted 1911 that shoots sub 1.5 groups at 25 yards if i do my part.Packages available from the Custom Shop for 1911 style pistols are the Professional, Competition, Tactical Response, Loaded, and Defense.Please see the following listing for this Custom Springfield Armory Range. o Total price of.At this point I contacted Springfield and was told that I needed to send it in for warranty work, and I would be reimbursed for the shipping.

The Federal American Eagle 230-grain FMJ rounds produced groups that varied between 2.2 and 2.5 inches. The Winchester USA 185-grain FMJ rounds varied in group size from 2.0 to 2.4 inches.

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One of the tricks was to fire the weapon a alittle low as you bring the weapon up instead of trying to bring the gun down.The low-mount rear night sight by Novak was sunk cleanly into the slide, with the rear notch as far to the rear as possible.The dovetail of the front-sight blade all but disappeared into the slide.

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The Black T finish left the frame with a slight matte exterior, but the slide was a gleaming ink-like blue.Poor Service from Springfield-Armory Custom Shop. and having the custom shop do this while it was. gave me an even number for a price they.

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No part of this website may be reproduced without written consent of Springfield Armory.It was my constant companion during my 27 month tour of duty overseas.I truly regret having turned it in when I was separated from the service.Undercut dovetail front sight, black target (no dots or inserts).We were advised that the Black T finish could overcoat the Parkerizing.

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Nope but I sure do like having well built firearms that reflect my pride in owning and shooting them.

Install Novak low mount rear sight, dovetail front sight, 3-Dot tritium night sights.I bought a stainless loaded Springfield some years ago now, and on firing it the first time, it was a fine single shot.After getting the bushing out it could be put into the slide and it rattled when shook.Springfield Armory Professional Custom Shop FBI 1911.45ACP PC9111.

We used the very same ammunition to test the Custom Shop Professional as we did in our test of the Mil-Spec models.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.Gun Review: Springfield Armory EMP. Brett. So free Springfield Custom Shop work done on a.

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I found the fault, the magazine well front that is the feed ramp in a standard 1911 was so rough that a cartridge would not load into the chamber.

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I sent the weapon to them, and in about 5 weeks received it back.You still pay the normal price,. a custom carry 9mm, with black armory coat slide and.The point of this comment is to let others know that while I now have an accurate pistol, I could have had one a lot sooner if I had bought a Kimber.The ambidextrous safeties were narrow but easy to use, blending in with the profile of the grips.We tested and evaluated a 1911A1 Professional from the Springfield Armory Custom Shop.

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