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Select the image, such as a picture, clip art, or screenshot.

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On the Home tab, in the Drawing group, select Arrange, and then choose Selection Pane.To find potential issues related to fonts or white space, review your slides for areas that look crowded or illegible.Compare plans to find the features and pricing options you need to be a better presenter.Make sure there is strong contrast between text and background, so people with low vision can see it well.

The following procedures describe how to make the slides in your PowerPoint presentations accessible.On the Design tab, in the Themes group, select Office Theme.

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Google Slides makes your ideas shine with a variety of presentation themes, hundreds.Add alt text to shapes including shapes within a SmartArt graphic.

To rearrange the reading order, in the Selection Pane, drag items to the location that you want.Objects are read in the order you created them, which might not make sense in a screen reader.

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If you want the title to be invisible on the slide, but still voiced by screen readers, do the following.

Meet Haiku Deck, a completely new kind of presentation software.Links should convey clear and accurate information about the destination.

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People who use screen readers and other assistive technology hear slide text, shapes, and content read back in a specific order.

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Slides is a place for creating, presenting and sharing presentations.We recommend only putting text in the description field and leaving the title blank.

Make effective presentations to concisely share data and information in business or academics.The following procedures describe how to make the slides in your PowerPoint Online presentations accessible.When you use them with a new slide, these layouts automatically make sure that the reading order works for everyone.In the Selection pane, next to the Title text box, click the eye icon.

In the Font group, which provides options for font type, size, style, and color, select your formatting choices.

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Beginning in March of 2017, PowerPoint for PC in Office 365 automatically generates alt text for photographs by using intelligent services in the cloud.

For example, instead of linking to the text Click here, include the full title of the destination page.Use captions, subtitles, and alternative audio tracks in videos.PowerPoint does not generate alt text for drawn images, such as clip art, diagrams, or icons.Make a Presentation in an Online Class If you have to give a class presentation, WebEx lets you share your screen to show content or slides.PowerPoint Online (formerly PowerPoint Web App) extends your Microsoft PowerPoint experience to the web browser, where you can work with presentations.SlideSnack is a presentation sharing tool that enables you to easily upload and share presentations online.Sean lists 12 tools that will help you create online presentations to ease your long-distance meetings and easily get your point across without ever having to travel.Circle or use animation to highlight information, rather than relying on laser pointers or color.

Make videos accessible to visually impaired and hearing-impaired users.On the Home tab, in the Drawing group, select Arrange and then choose Selection Pane.

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Make a beautiful wedding photo montage in minutes that everyone can enjoy.

PowerPoint automatically applies this layout to the new slide.

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To open the Shape tab, at the bottom of the screen, at the end of the toolbar, tap the up arrow.In the Alt Text pane, review the description in the text box.

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In the Thumbnail pane, locate the place where you want to add the new slide.In PowerPoint 2016 desktop, you can use the Selection pane to turn visibility on or off for titles and other objects on a slide.Use a larger font size (18pt or larger), sans serif fonts, and sufficient white space.