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The cultural background is a pivotal factor that may affect negotiations, especially if such different cultures as Chinese and American ones.Each philosophy introduces values that can be clearly seen through behavior and patterns of thinking.This paper represents the views of the author and not the AAA Understanding Race and Human Variation project.If such processes did not exist, human societies could not function as they do.

In those theories culture is represented as an essential nursing care aspect.When culture dynamism is accepted, the description of behaviors or the naming of definite cultural attributes has restricted utility.

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So, the capability to provide sensitive, optimal care demands knowing and owning personal beliefs, feelings, and attitudes and acknowledging their impact.

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Culture refers to the beliefs, ideas, traditions and behaviors portrayed by certain communities and are passed from one.

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In 2000 Dennis defined culture as the life ways of the particular group of people.

The Social and Cultural Diversity Paper (1,750-2,000 words) requires the student to identify and reflect on possible personal biases regarding gender, religion.Cultural Diversity in Nursing Abstract: With the increasing populations in different countries across the world, there are diversified people who exist and are.It was, at least partly, a result of communication and information transmission.

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The nurse should just listen carefully and making notes what the patient and his family are saying without trying to evaluate.Stereotypical behaviors are generally being referred to as unchanging, fixed, characteristics that are attributed to all members of a definite culture.

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This happens when members of the same culture and sub-culture share a large proportion of their information.

This paper is about how and why labeling theorists are adamant about labels offenders are given in the criminal justice system.Cultures change and cultural diversity is created, maintained and lost over time.Cultural Diversity Paper Cultural Diversity Paper Cultural Diversity Read three scholarly peer-reviewed sources from the CSU Global Library and prepa.

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Nurses should remain aware of these differences to offer each patient individualized services that address their health issues without making them feel dehumanized.

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For example, when the nurse is not confident in her life values, it will be apparent in the nursing care delivery.African-Americans, for instance, have higher rates of sickle cell anemia because of genetic factors.

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The nurse must give encouragement and space to have patients tell their life story.

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Nurses should acknowledge the process of gradual cultural change through acculturation or socialization.How to write cultural diversity essay Published under Tips for writing an essay On 27 Jul 2015.While nurses cannot possibly understand all cultural mores and preferences, they can remain open to new perspectives so each treatment can feel respected.It Further Talks About Various Factors That Contribute To Cultural Diversification.In this paper I will investigate the variety of those issues and their involvement in nursing care.

Each nurse introduces two cultures into the relationship with clients.It contains attitudes, beliefs, values, rituals, customs, and behaviors.