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Last but certainly not least, we need to get the featured content slider working.There are two primary methods that can be used to assign different header images to.

Thesis Custom Footer Image custom thesis header image Thesis 1.8 has new feature that.Thesis Tutorial: Add Your Own Copyright to Blog Footer using WordPress Thesis Theme 1.8.I did ran into a bit of a problem when I put stuffs on the footer widget areas all of them are stacks to the right hand side on top of one another instead of 4 widgets side by side.The herd is quite sure you will fail to listen on this matter.

I cant get the pictures or descriptions to display using the page method.To do this, first go to your word press admin and click on custom file.I left comments within the custom.css file for those of you using older versions of Thesis, but you really should upgrade to the newest version.In thesis design options i can only find how to change the colors of the nav menu.Post Jobs for free and outsource.Jul 16, 2012 Add Header Widget in Thesis to Display Banner Ads and effectively utilize free space.Since I want to display the last 5 posts from that featured category, I simply numbered 1 through 5 in each of the post select boxes.

I only have one problem with it:p, i wish to change the color of the general theme.When I declared that Premium Themes Are Dead, I received a LOT of feedback arguing that there will always be a market for premium themes since they give you a head start on the design process.The header will be devoid of padding, border, margin, and the image will be centered and not repeat or tile.

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After you enter each of the custom fields once, WordPress will automatically remember them for future use.I do have a question though: Somewhere along the way, I made some a:hover changes to the fonts in my custom.css. I wanted my general links to be red and my top and category navigations to be white.

Select the network-news-thesis-options.dat file and click Upload.Perhaps I misread your instructions and that is how I was suppose to do it.

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Let me know if that helps, or if you have any other questions.Header images or banners are a strong visual element of your Thesis.Danny, the skin is actually only 2 files, the custom.css and custom-functions.php files.Shop with confidence.How to Add a Custom Banner Image to the Thesis Theme Header.DCG updated and I forgot to update the instructions accordingly.

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Com offers free thesis writing help and professional writing services.When you are done with all changes, click the button at the end to generate your custom Thesis CSS code.Whats the easiest way to upgrade this to your latest skin (built for 1.8).Steven, I believe if you have sub-categories the menus will have drop downs automatically.

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Now to work my way through the rest of the install instructions.

Rather than mixing and matching across several categories, I just created a Featured category, and inserted the category id (in my case 5) into each of the 5 category id spots.

Banner custom 5 1 1 thesis My dream car essay Funicular bag Melvin, his doggerel waff congested pedagogically.I do however understand your comment what with all the spammers out there.Thesis Tutorial: Move Navigation Menu under Header using WordPress Thesis Theme 1.8.Strange comment, I know, but I keep getting email updates with new comments to this thread, and yet no new comments appear on the actual webpage after March 8, 2010.UCL theses should be submitted in the following format.This handout describes what a thesis statement is, how thesis statements work in your writing, and how you can discover or refine one for your draft.Writers Guidelines.

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Thesis Tutorial: Add a Cool Banner to Feature Box in WordPress Thesis Theme 1.8.

Did we note there is absolutely zero support of this tool, express or implied.

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Now, click on custom file. we learn how to add rotating banner ads to Wordpress Thesis.I have uploaded per instructions but I am getting this error message.

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Create a Navigation Menu with Thesis Theme 1.8 and WordPress 3.0.1.Some of the skin formatting loaded like the 100 pxl logo box and so on.You can do this by adding an image through the Media section of your WordPress dashboard.

I had another question about this skin: Is there a way to just have a slider with random pictures that I like (not necessarily linking to recent posts) and then have the recent post snippets at the bottom like the one demoed.Additionally, descriptions I inserted in both pages did not show up.