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Meaning and difference between the two directional terms medial and lateral.How do we use directional terminology when discussing human anatomy.Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams.

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Introductory Topics: Chemistry: Cells: Tissues: Integumentary System:.Hoehm: Human Anatomy and Physiology, 8th Edition, Pearson Education Inc. (2010), p 12 - 15.

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Overview of the planes and axes that are used for directions in the body.ANATOMICAL TERMINOLOGY, DIRECTIONAL TERMS, PLANES, SECTIONS, AND BODY CAVITIES. Biology II.Once you select an answer, you MAY NOT go back and change your answer.

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Anatomy and Physiology of Male and Female Reproductive Systems.

Body planes are used to describe specific sections or regions of the body.Would you rather (fun positive version) How well do I horse ride.

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Basic overview of the directional terms we will be using in lab.Body planes are imaginary planes or flat surfaces that cut through and section the body in its anatomical position.Anatomy flash cards are a popular way learning anatomy and test the level of knowledge and understanding of the subject.This position is used to describe body parts and positions of patients regardless if they are lying down, on their side or facing down.

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Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology Honors,. Chap. 1 Intro To Anatomy -Body plan and directional terms.

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Where your body parts are in relation to others and the appropriate terminology.Proximal means that it is closest or towards the trunk of the body or point of origin.

The terms used to explain anatomical positioning are described in relation to one standard position called the anatomical position.Play this quiz called Anatomical Regional Terms and show off your skills.Most of the terms used in anatomy and physiology originated from.

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Meaning and difference between the two directional terms distal and proximal.

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Use this interactive quiz and printable worksheet to see what you know before.


Locating structures in your body is one of the main components of anatomy.

Frontal refers towards the front of the brain whereas occipital means towards the back of the brain.In this interactive learning activity, learners review the terms used to describe relative position of body.This article lists all the directional terms and body planes used in human anatomy.

Ventral denotes towards the front of the body and dorsal means towards the back of the body.Use your knowledge of directional terms to relate the following structures to each other anatomically in a short sentence.Learn more about directional terms in the Boundless open textbook.

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In the anatomical position, the person is standing upright with arms to the side with the palms facing forward and thumbs pointing away from the body, feet slightly apart and parallel to each other with the toes pointing forward and the head facing forward and the eyes looking straight ahead.