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I highly recommend for all authors before considering other sources.Find who will pay you the most money for your books and view view back about each of the sites. | Notebook Reviews - Laptop Reviews and

Authors who focus on getting reviews on Amazon are way ahead of the rest.Another strategy for finding high quality reviewers on Amazon.Book Buyback A service provided by AbeBooks is working with to offer you a quick and convenient buyback service for your new books. - Consumer Electronics and Appliance Reviews

With Amazon giving reviews that much attention, it makes one think that their role in the book buying process is not insignificant.Exchanging reviews with other authors, regardless of the intention, lessons the likelihood that the reviews will be viewed as legitimate.This makes it much easier for you to recognize the intersect between what you have to offer, and the needs and interests of your readers.Remember too, that some of these early reviews can also be added to your website and media kit, maybe add one to your Facebook cover image, create some image quotes to share on social media, or even include some in your marketing materials.There are loads of opportunities where you can give your book away, but here are some ideas to get you started.Notebook Reviews - Laptop Reviews and Netbook News. Samsung Galaxy Book. steep asking price, and lack of premium trappings prevent it from being a must-buy.

A multitude of factors come into play before a decision to purchase is made, many of which are interdependent and act to create a combined affect on book buying behaviour.

Managing expectations and understanding what a reasonable return on your time investment looks like, is important.The estate of J.R.R. Tolkien settled a five-year lawsuit with Warner Bros. over merchandising fees stemming from slot machines.Hold contests and giveaways on your own blog or through social media (Facebook, Pinterest).Book bloggers are potential business partners, who may have other connections and resources that can help you in your career.For starters, we classify books based on plot, setting, character, and writing style.I love to research controversial topics and dig down to their roots, but the list I develop for one book might not work for some of my subsequent works, except perhaps for those who merely love the writing as well as the topic.

Authors now have the opportunity to pay a third party to write a review, perhaps artificially boosting their review numbers.Find book reviews, essays, best-seller lists and news from The New York Times Book Review.Pacific Book Review Packages Increase Credibility, Exposure, and book Sales.Unsolicited, generic emails will often be viewed as spam, so do your research.Out of 5 services used, Pacific Book was the most complete and responsive organization.

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Make sure you follow the policies, rules or requirements the sites may have, and do a bit of research to see what has worked well for other authors in your genre.They are book lovers who have self-selected themselves based on genre, generated active, involved communities around that topic, and have considerable reach and influence with their readerships.The Los Angeles Review of Books is a nonprofit, multimedia literary and cultural arts magazine that combines the great American tradition of the serious book review.

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More popular sites may have a wider reach (although not necessarily more influence over their readers), but they may be more difficult to get a review from.Make digital reading even easier with Google Play Books, featuring smart recommendations personalized just for you, access to millions of best sellers.Reviews also present an excellent opportunity for authors to get valuable, honest feedback from their readers.So keep in mind that despite receiving a free copy of your book, your readers are under no obligation to provide or post a review.It is more like a guide than a quick read, so bookmark it and come back to it when you have the time.

Provide basic info about your book including the title, genre, number of pages, a short blurb, book formats available, the publisher, the release date and a link to your website.Get the latest details on ultrabooks and portable laptops from our thorough reviews, videos, comparisons and guides.Write a short note, and be clear that you would love honest feedback about your book.Recommendations for a new devotee of short fiction include books by Nam Le, Deborah Eisenberg and Edward P. Jones.If you are careful about laying a proper foundation, the impact and reach of your platform will multiply over time.Clicking on an author name will bring you to their author page, which will include a listing of their books.Explore local businesses on Facebook. Reviews. Tell people what you.

Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York compares the prices of 52 book buying websites.The Laws of the (Amazon) Jungle—Eight Rules Authors Need to Know to Stay Safe.Taking a long term view also ensures that you tend carefully to the connections and contacts you make with readers, reviewers and other professionals in the industry.Obviously, this is a great opportunity to promote your current or future books and send readers to your site to sign up to your email list. Rated 1/5 stars by 102 - ResellerRatings

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Often writers focus only on the writing, and recognize the importance of marketing and promotion after the book is out.They are not replicable, so each book that comes out is a fluster of activity that leads nowhere.

In many cases, reviews from top Amazon reviewers can generate enough momentum to create a cascade of additional reviews and book sales.PURCHASE NOW Interested in having a Professional Book Review.Book Review Service - Pacific Book Review Strengthen your credibility with a professional book review.By implementing some (or all) of the above strategies, getting reviews for your book(s) should now be relatively easy.Increase the number of readers and you increase your chances for reader reviews.At you can buy a top-quality custom book review online.