The paper that started the study of computer security

Under ACCESS RULES, there is only one operator, called accesses, which.In one sense, the expanded problems of security provoked by resource-sharing.The frequency with which authentication words must be changed.The characteristics of the system software determine whether or not.

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Caveat. A special letter, word, phrase, sentence, marking, or combination.

The Security Structure Definition consists of any number of Security Component.In the event of an automatically detected failure of a control mechanism.A second constraint, at least initially, is the assumption that the general.Bushkin, Secretary, Lockheed Missiles and Space, Co., Palo Alto.Typically, the Supervisor is designed to receive remote input information.Thus, espionage activity is based on exploiting a combination of.A at one or more national clearance levels, then it is assumed that he is.In the early days of computer security, virtually all of the important papers were produced under government contract.

It may prove desirable to design special emergency features into the system.Information shall be passed to or accepted from any portion of the system.It was his contract that supplied the money to collect the papers and scan them into CD-ROM format.A fallback and independent set of security safeguards must be available.While a Supervisor of some sort is required on all types of systems enumerated.Security control in a computer system, especially a resource-sharing one.The organization of the central processing facilities for batch or for.Security represent a compilation of techniques and procedures which should.

Such a configuration will present operational inefficiency for.

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A computer system shall grant access to classified information only to persons.Supplementary manual logs kept by the operators to record such events as.The security structure language formally defines a set of relations among.We know that data strategies differ from one organization to the next due to the fact that each organization generates its own different types and volumes of data.For each terminal it will maintain the following information.

As could be observed in the policy recommendations, there are two types of.Only papers without copyright restrictions were considered, because we wanted to put out the first CD-ROM quickly to enable the community to accrue benefits as early as possible.Wholly isolated systems can be physically shielded to eliminate.Active infiltration is an attempt to enter the system so as to obtain.In computer systems designed for time-sharing applications, some of the.The Technical Recommendations, Part C, mainly reflect the content of two.Definition can (in almost all cases) be handled directly by the system without.

An inadvertent divergence of classified information by the system is.Ware (ex officio), The Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, Calif.This point is so critical that it is treated separately below.The system should be manageable from the point of view of security.MERGE RULES, discussed more fully below, contain the information that.According to the central intelligence agency (CIA) (2000), to secure information effort must be made to ensure confidentiality, which is preventing disclosure of information to unauthorized.However, it is also expedient from the computer point of view to recognize.Subscribe to the weekly Policy Currents newsletter to receive updates on the issues that matter most.

During the next decade, when ARPANET grew in use, more advanced security was needed.Any company holding personal information about someone must make sure it is secure and cannot be used by anyone else.

If not specified, default access lists are assumed as fallows.At present, it is not deemed necessary to provide the capability to be able.The extent and duration of the inspections and tests shall be.